Xump 1.0

Destroy the blue blocks!


  • Innovative gameplay
  • Lots of levels


  • Impossibly difficult

Not bad
If you fancy trying a puzzle game with a difference you may want to give Xump a try.

Xump is a strange name for a game and in many ways this is a strange game. The game is set out as a series of 20x12 squares, representing different colored blocks. Each different color represents a different block behavior and the aim of Xump is to remove all the blue ones from each grid.

The problem is that you can only move you little creature in straight lines along the blocks, and mustn't go off the edge. With a timer counting you down, Xump proves very difficult. In fact, it took me the best part of an hour to get past the second level. This, for me, is simply too tough for a puzzle game, and ultimately Xump induces more frustration than it does enjoyment.

If you've got the patience to persist with it though, Xump may distract you for a while.

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